The blasting of bridges

The blasting of bridge constructions has nowadays lost some of its significance although only a few decades ago it was sometimes impossible to ensure the safe demolition of a bridge.

The processes established in the course of the improvement and further development of demolition machines and equipment are virtually unbeatable in terms of cost efficiency and swiftness of execution.

In well-developed traffic networks the complete closure of certain areas during a blasting would be unavoidable, rendering this demolition method rather unadvisable. The outages caused by damages to the railway and road network and the resulting repairs would be too extensive. In such cases the dismantling by means of mobile excavators or cable dredgers is more appropriate.

Nontheless there will always be situations in which a traditional demolition in the form of a manual demolition with the aid of machines is not possible.

With the wide range of explosives available, any construction material can be separated or shattered. Be it stonework bridges, reinforced concrete bridges or even pure steel bridges –a blasting is nearly always possible!

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