Clearance of harmful substances

It is virtually impossible not to come into contact with harmful substances when working in and on buildings. Harmful substances come in many different forms, be it as thermal insulators, wood preservatives or in the form of sealings.

Since the contact with harmful substances is unavoidable and because of the multitude of substances some of which have carcinogenic and mutagenic effects  special attention has to be paid to the proper and professional execution of the clean-up work. The protection of the employees and the environment from immissions has to be the top priority. Also a prompt declaration of the waste on the basis of harmful substances reports or material samples is necessary in order to realise a timely disposal.

This is ensured by regular training of our employees on the regulations TRGS 521, 519 (German Technical Regulations for Hazardous Substances) and BGR 128 (German trade association rules for work in contaminated areas) as well as their qualification in the context of the certification of the company as a specialised waste management company and the participation in special events and further training.

In accordance with the applicable regulations in the sectors of waste law  (AbfR) and environmental law (UmwR) waste classified as hazardous requires the provision of a separate certificate. Since 01.02.2011 this certificate has to be provided via the electronic waste-records procedure (ENV). 
The company Halter Spreng- und Umwelttechnik GmbH has been working with the Zedal system from 2008 and is listed under the participant number 000147@2.

As a certified waste management company we carry out the disposal and transport of waste under the following numbers 

Generator number (Erzeuger – Nummer, EZR-Nr.):L27902650
Carrier number (Beförderer – Nummer, BEF-Nr.):L10003400
Generator number of the representative (Bevollmächtigten Erzeugernummer, BEFERZ-Nr.):   LD0000151

 Should you have problems or questions regarding the disposal and certification process of hazardous waste we are glad to be of service.

All our certificates are available in the download box on the left side by clicking on each logo or upon request from our office.