The company

Philipp Halter founded the Berlin based company in 1925 at the age of 34. In the early days the young company chiefly carried out blasting operations of all kinds. One speciality at the time were pyrotechnical assignments generating effects for the film industry.

With ten to fifteen employees and a pool of machines and equipment consisting of mobile construction compressors, rotary hammers and a wide range of jackhammers the company operated in the regions of Mark Brandenburg, Berlin, Silesia, Pomerania and during the Second World War also parts of Poland. More often than not, the Halter company was contracted by large companies.

In 1946, after more than a year in Russian captivity, the company founder returned home and immediately began to rebuild the company. However, the captivity had put a strain on his health that was so severe that Philipp Halter died in 1948.

After completing the appropriate training his son Peter Halter took over the company in 1949 with his mother as co-owner. This constituted a completely fresh start without any capital. The destruction caused by the war, however,  ensured sufficient assignments to make the risk calculable. So, in 1949, they began to rebuild the company.

In the subsequent years the area of activity of the company expanded considerably. In Berlin the tasks were chiefly limited to:

  • The blasting of air-raid shelters and ruins in danger of collapsing in all districts of the city
  • The blasting and demolition of buildings of all kinds
  • Manual demolition of complete buildings
  • Pulling down and blasting of bridge constructions 
  • Underwater blastings
  • Pyrotechnical effects and explosions for the film industry
  • And from 1984 onwards also the sector of explosive ordnance recovery

The pool of machines and equipment kept increasing and now included also hydraulic excavators from 1.2 to 32.0 tons, chain loaders, wheel loaders, stone breaking devices and special equipment for the recovery of ammunition. Due to the growing number of offers and the dimension of the assignments the work force of the company at that time amounted to twenty five to thirty employees. When the number of demolition jobs decreased over the years, the Philipp Halter company additionally specialized in the gutting of old buildings.

After successful completion of his civil engineering studies Christoph Halter, the son of the company owner, joined the company in 1981. Under the joint management of father and son the number of employees and the size of the company increased continually, ranging in the subsequent years between 50 and 60 employees.

The reunification of Germany brought about new tasks, now also in the eastern part of Berlin and in the Mark Brandenburg region. With these new tasks came an increase in the number of employees. With a staff of seventy and an enlarged and technically improved pool of equipment and machines the company was now able to conduct larger-scale demolition works. Due to the expansion of the company the existing company headquarters became too small. In 1991 the company found a new home in Gatower street, remaining true to the Berlin district of Spandau.

Since 1994 the qualified engineer Christoph Halter has been in charge of the company as sole Managing Director and has further expanded the technical capability of company.

At the turn of the millennium the Philipp Halter company, faced with the economic fluctuations in the building industry, had to reduce the number of employees.

In 2003 the son of the Managing Director, Robert Halter, began his training in the company which he completed successfully in 2006. Since then the company has been run by the Halter family in the fourth generation.

Due to the increasing space requirements the company relocated to the larger area of Freiheit 39 in the Berlin district of Spandau, now its only location.

Due to the necessary restructuring of the company in 2013, the Halter company now consists of the two managing directors Christoph and Robert Halter and a workforce of 41 employees.